Delivering Ex-cellence in PVC Sheets

At Jain Americas we value Ex-cellence, which comes in many forms. We're committed to providing Ex-cellent service, helping customers obtain the foamed PVC sheets they need in a timely and convenient manner. Our Ex-cellent team respects our customers, one another, and the environment. And our printable PVC sheet products are the foundation of Ex-cellence for our customer's work.

Jain Americas PVC Sheet Products

> EX-CEL FF Classic

Free Foam PVC Sheets that come in 10 vibrant colors, plus black and white. They're very easy-to-fabricate and are perfect for POP displays and digital and screen printed signs. FF Classic can be film-masked 1-side, and thicker gauges can be used outdoors.

> EX-CEL FF Lite

A less-expensive, lightweight PVC alternative to Ex-CEL FF Classic rigid PVC sheets. They, too, can be printed on both sides, can be film-masked 1-side, and are perfect for retail displays and PVC signs.


An expanded, light-weight foam PVC Sheet that is made using the Celuka process, resulting in an integral, harder, more solid and more durable sheet. IF can be used inside and outside, and is particularly effective when water is present, as it will not absorb, swell or rot from moisture.

> EX-CEL Edge

The premier co-extruded PVC sheet for retail advertising applications. It's available in white/black and white/black/white, giving retail signage a framed appearance, without the frame.

All Jain PVC sheet products measure up to all others in the industry in quality and value. What sets our products apart is the experience our customers receive when they order them from Jain. Our estimating and purchasing processes are simple, timely, friendly, and efficient. Second to none. In fact, we're so committed to Ex-cellence that it's even part of the name of all of our expanded foam PVC products – EX-CEL PVC.

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