Jain Overview 2

All EX–CEL printable PVC sheets are perfect for a very broad range of indoor and outdoor applications, including several you may not see listed below, as this is simply a guide to help you realize the many ways our customers typically use our PVC sheets. If you don't see an application you're interested in, please contact us for further assistance.

Advertising / Signage

• Dimensional Lettering

• Dimensional Signs

• 3D POP

Flat Signs

• Digital Flat Bed Printing

• Screen Printable

• Paintable

• Laminated

• Vinyl Letter Application

• Exhibit Booth Construction and Decoration

Store Fixturing   Construction

• Cabinets/Tables


• Doors / Windows


• Channel Letter Backer

• Seat Bottoms

• Water Shed

• Vehicle Manufacturing


• Convenient store walk-up coolers

• AC compression units


• Marine Applications

• Wood Replacement in High-moisture Areas

• Ambulance sub-flooring

• Ambulance cabinetry

Outdoor Applications

EX-CEL IF is unique from other Ex-cellent EX-CEL PVC products because it has a harder exterior surface, and improved flexural strength, making it the most suitable EX-CEL PVC product for outdoor applications, including in/on boats, and wherever water is present.

Please contact us today regarding our products, and for more information about the many ways we'd like to serve you.