Jain Americas, formerly known as Ex-cel Manufacturing, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., one of the largest manufacturers of drip irrigation systems in the world. Jain Americas commenced operations in Columbus, Ohio in 1992, serving the sign, display and graphic arts industries with extruded Polycarbonate sheets and two types of PVC sheets: Free Foam PVC and Integral Foam PVC (Celuka process); quickly gaining the acceptance of plastic distributors in the Americas. Our line continues to expand, and with more than 150,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space, we now offer four product lines:

EX-CEL® FF Classic
Free Foam PVC Sheets that come in 10 vibrant colors, plus black and white. They're very easy-to-fabricate and are perfect for POP displays and digital and screen printed signs. Thicker gauges of FF Classic can be used outdoors.
A less-expensive, lightweight PVC alternative to Ex-CEL FF Classic rigid PVC sheets. They, too can be printed on both sides, and are perfect for retail displays and PVC signs.
An Integral Foamed, (Celuka-processed) PVC sheet that can be used indoors, and is ideal for all outdoor PVC applications, and wood replacement applications, including PVC cabinets. They're particularly valuable where water is present, including on boats.
EX-CEL® Edge
The premier co-extruded PVC sheet for retail advertising applications. They're available in white/black and white/black/white, giving retail signage a framed appearance, without the frame. No need to flood coat, or for expensive, machine slowing white inks on a flatbed press


At Jain Americas, we value Ex-cellence. We're in business to provide Ex-cellence to our customers, which comes in many forms:

  • Our products reflect Ex-cellence in our customer's work.
  • We provide Ex-cellent service, helping customers obtain the materials they need in a timely and convenient manner; materials that are guaranteed to live up to their expectations.
  • Our Ex-cellent team respects one another, our customers, and the environment—and supports the overall goals of our organization.
  • All EX-CEL products measure up to any other in the industry in both quality and value. What sets EX-CEL PVC SHEETS apart is the experience our customers receive. Our estimating and purchasing processes are simple, timely, friendly, and efficient - second to none. We're so committed to Ex-cellence that it's even part of our product's name – EX-CEL PVC.


Mission – Leave this world better than you found it.

Vision – Establish leadership in whatever we do at home and abroad.

Credo – Serve and strive through strain and stress; do our noblest, that's success.

Goal – Achieve continued growth through sustained innovation for total customer satisfaction and fair return to all other stakeholders. Meet this objective by producing quality products at optimum cost and marketing them at reasonable prices.

Guiding Principle – Toil and sweat to manage our resources and money in an integrated, efficient and economic manner. Earn profit, keeping in view our commitment to social responsibility and environmental concerns.

Quality Perspective – Make quality a way of life.


Customer and Marketing

  • Commit to total customer satisfaction
  • Build and maintain market leadership

Quality Ex-cellence

  • Strive continually to reach and maintain quality in every aspect

Safety and Health

  • Secure safety and health of associates and other assets

Environment and Society

  • Protect, improve and develop the environment
  • Cherish the symbiosis and nurture the creative partnership between society and the environment

Development of Other Stakeholders

  • Adopt transparency and fair practices for continuous, sustainable growth

Thank you for taking time to learn about Jain Americas. Please contact us today regarding our products, and for more information about the many ways we'd like to serve you.

Please also consider embracing our corporate mission – Leave this world better than you found it.