Jain Overview 2

free foam PVC sheets signJain Americas offers four types of easy-to-fabricate, printable PVC sheets for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Following is a brief overview of each product to help you determine which specific EX-CEL PVC sheet is perfect for your upcoming project(s). You can also visit our comparison page for a more thorough side-by-side review.

EX-CEL FF Classic

Free Foam PVC Sheets that come in 10 vibrant colors, plus black and white. They, too, can be printed on both sides, can be film-masked 1-side, and are perfect for retail displays and PVC signs. FF Classic can be film-masked 1-side, and thicker gauges can be used outdoors.


A less-expensive, lightweight PVC alternative to Ex-CEL FF Classic rigid PVC sheets. They, too can be printed on both sides, and are perfect for retail displays and PVC signs.


(Perfect Solution for Outdoor Applications)
An Integral Foam, (Celuka-processed) PVC sheet that is ideal for all outdoor PVC applications, and wood replacement applications, including PVC cabinets. They're particularly valuable where water is present, including on boats.


The premier co-extruded PVC sheet for retail advertising applications. They're available in white/black and white/black/white, giving retail signage a framed appearance, without the frame.

Learn more about each EX-CEL PVC product, including features, fabrication options, applications/markets, technical values, test data, and available sizes and colors by visiting each unique product page.

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